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We recently had to move to an apartment, but in our house-I used the kaboom thing you put inside your toilet tank and I NEVER had to clean the toilet except for the seat. It was awesome. Now I'm searching for something to clean our toilets here. I have loved my wand for a couple of years now. Back then they didn't have the caddy. It was just the wand and the pads.


I have been wanting to get a caddy now I have a good excuse. I've not won anything from a blog yet. Even a toilet wand would be welcomed now! BYTW, plumbers will tell you not to flush cloth wipes down even the ones that say you can. So I don't think I would flush these refills either. I loved this product, works well and is easy. Toilet cleaning is something I will spend a little more on to help ease the ick factor.

I found a bunch of the refills on super clearance at a Winn Dixie, about a buck for a full box of replacements. I bought all the boxes they had, about 8. Anyone know what store they found it at? Wow, thanks a bunch for the great giveaway! The best thing I have found is to use a Clorox wipe on everything outside the toilet, the seat, the base, etc. It really is easy and disinfects. I just throw it in the trash can when I am done. I am curious to try to wand for the inside bowl area. Currently I just use a sponge and my hands!

Christy — The scrubbing pads are not flushable, you need to dispose of them in a garbage can. Are the scrubbing pads flushable?

I have the other brand of toilet wand, and the regular pads are flushable, which is a fantastic convenience. I HATE cleaning the toilets! I have heard that there is somethingyou can put in the tank that prevents you from having to cleanthe toilets for a long time.

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I think it is a swimming pool tabletbut I am not sure about this anda tablet that cleans the swimming pool might be too strong for the toilet. Renita Hegnerrenitahegner yahoo. Thanks for the giveaway!!! I am just starting out and I sure could use some advice… Thanks Heather for all you do fr us Moms!!! I bought one of these in the past month because I could never find a regular brush that I liked didn't splatter. Love these! If I can use a coupon to save a little I'll stock up.

MY tip for cleaning the toilets is to have my husband do it!! I really suck at it, and he ends up doing it all the time. Hopefully I win, but I think I will def use the coupon so I can try to make it up to him!! At most stores this coupon will give you about half-off this product!

REVIEW: Clorox ToiletWand® Cleaning System

Having what I need to clean the toilet sitting beside the toilet is going to save me time. I dont see any reason to use this. I use Clorox toilet cleaner. Its simple liquid goes around the bowl and flushes away.

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