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Rushmore and Keystone, South Dakota. There is also a very nice flower garden and several "picture spots. When you go to get on the slide, This is mass confusion.

Rushmore Tramway Adventures

You come down the stairs and wait in a line. But then some people come up along side and form another line. No signs directing this, it just happened. My daughter and I wanted to slide down side by side as we had at other Apline slides, but when we got up to the load area, the young man working it, simply replied that there were two lines and they moved at different speeds and there was no way possible for it to happen without messing up the whole thing.

I voiced my displeasure and how this was the only slide that I had been on that didn't load as people approached and didn't allow families to slide down beside each other. Luckily a very nice young lady in the other line said that I could cut in front of her so that my daughter and I could slide down together. So we got to slide down together in spite of the clueless worker unloading sleds at the loading point. I wonder how much damage that did to the sleds.

The track is fairly long and is plastic as opposed to the concrete tracks that I had been on before. In spite of being plastic, it was a very smooth ride down and the sled operated perfectly as far as breaking and picking up speed. When you get to the bottom, there is no employee stationed there to instruct you on how to unload You have to pick up you sled from the track normal and then CARRY it down a short flight of steps to the chairlift area and then pile it in a certain way there.

The sled was somewhat heavy and my 11 year old had trouble carrying it I would hate to see a younger child having to carry it down those stairs.

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While waiting at the bottom for my daughter and wife to come down a second time, I saw at least two people simply get up and leave their sleds on the track because they did not see the sign. A second sleder crashed into a sled left on the track by one of these people. A worker needs assigned to be at the unload point To me this was quite dangerous as the hill was somewhat steep.

Instead of worrying about worthless rider waivers, the Alpine Slide company should be looking at fixing the more dangerous practices in place at this activity. It's a fun activity for kids, but I have found other Alipine Slides Ober Gatlinburg for one to be a safer and more friendly enviroment.

This is a fun activity to do if you have never before.

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You must sign a waiver before paying. It is a little expensive. The view at the top of the mountain is nice, you can see Mt. Most of the staff seemed uninterested in giving quality service. It's your standard mountain slide activity you "steer" a plastic sled down concrete channels , but fun nevertheless.

However, for any adult reading this, I would recommend letting your kids slide down the mountain while you and any other adults stay up top and enjoy a beer and the view. The patio area upstairs has a view of Mt. Rushmore and is well shaded. It is a bit expensive, however, our family thought it was worth it. Everyone rides what they call the tram a skilift type thing up to the top of the mountain- which we all really enjoyed.

It is a slow ride up. Then you have the choice or riding the tram back down or riding the alpine slide. There is a grille on top of the mountain for lunch or a snack which serves beer too. We didn't eat there since it was early in the day. The best part for me Mom was the view at the top. There is a lookout where you can see Mount Rushmore and Keystone--just beautiful!

President's Alpine Slide Crash, Mount Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

You can also purchase a picture of yourself riding up the tram that they take. I didn't bring my camera up since I didn't know if it would work on the slide ride down, but now I wish I had taken my camera up. There would have been room on the slide in my lap for it and the sights up there would have been great! The slide was fun coming down. You have complete control of how fast or slow you come down and there are plenty of warnings on the track to remind you of sharp curves and such and where you would need to slow down. After the haunting event, Rush Mountain will be closed for the winter season.

Journey into an unseen world and discover stalactite-filled caverns, cave formations, and the amazing Big Room at Rushmore Cave. Learn from our knowledgeable guides about the history and geology that formed the world renowned Black Hills cave systems. Wind through the trees on this unique gravity-propelled mountain coaster, at speeds of up to 35 mph.

Go fast or go slow, you control your own speed! The coaster carts are equipped with an onboard distance control system ensurring you have a safe and thrilling experience. Ever wanted to be a ninja warrior? Or maybe a stunt double?

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Get ready to test your inner daredevil! Soar through the air like an eagle on this unique zipline attraction. Experience this amazing multi-sensory immersive experience. Our new Aerial Park offers a ropes course for climbers of all skill-levels. A modern, scenic chairlift with incredible views of Mt. The kids have seen Mount Rushmore. Now what?

For 50 years, our aerial tramway has been a must-see addition to any Mount Rushmore trip. Some of these reviews were submitted on other websites. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these websites. When traveling with teens and younger kids it can be hard to find something they will all enjoy. They all loved this ride. Both the ride up on the ski lift and the ride down the slide. We had a blast here. My wife, my year-old daughter and I did the ropes course and zip line. I would definitely recommend.

The increased fun-factor at Rushmore Tramway Adventures does nothing to take away from its original purposeā€”to offer visitors spectacular, aerial views of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. No, the views are as remarkable as ever. Our location, about two miles west of the historic treasure, provides some of the most unique views of Mount Rushmore you'll ever see. The capacity to enjoy these views has improved over the years via our extensive attractions and hiking trails.

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The Mountain-Top Grille sits atop the summit and offers our patrons a wide-array of food and drinks. Viewing decks, waterfalls and flower gardens round out the experience, which all begins with a breathtaking tramway ride up the scenic chairlift. Rushmore Tramway Adventures has plenty to offer the adventurer and the nature-lover alike.