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Level 2: Prevents damage for 6 sec after being revived. Linked Stat Max level 8 Level 1: Prevents damage for 1 sec after being revived. Level 8: Prevents damage for 8 sec after being revived. Explanation: Similarly to Cygnus Blessing, this skill can be linked by all 4 Resistance classes. A single Resistance class will max Spirit of Freedom at level 2. Gives Invincibility time upon revival after death.

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All 4 different jobs are required for max level linked stat. Strengthen this skill by collecting Goddess Teardrops. If you complete Chapter 8 quest, the link skill level automatically skips level 4 requirement, which means it levels from 3 to 5. Your email address will not be published.

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I got the same problem with my Kaiser in Maplesea, the link skill still stick to level 2 instead of 3. Can anyone clarify? I just leveled up a Cannoneers to Level However, the link skill still stick to level 2 instead of 3. Anyone knows if this is a bug or Nexon removed them like JMS? Epi: Thanks for your suggestion! I have re-sorted the Link skills by MapleStory job and also updated the title to be Job name followed by the Link Skill name. Would it be okay if you changed those and re-alphabetized them to make the link skills easier to find?

What are the best link skills for ark Im maining ark and im wondering what the best links to improve him. Since you get that automatically always. Yl: Great at bossing. You can roast the boss with 3 skills. Sajius: Thanks for the notice! I have made the necessary corrections to the Beast Tamer link skills!

Vodka: It depends on MapleStory region. Could you elaborate please? I thought for sure Beast Tamer would be better than theirs… Could you elaborate on your decision? AlternaZPC: Thanks for your suggestion! I have updated the list from 14 to Also, I have updated the list of jobs. So 14 number may cause some newbie player vacillate. Mercedes will benefit as well regardless of being below or above Level Hi, Ayumilove.

Is your recommended order for link skills what you have listed there? If I only wanted to pick a link skills and wanted to grind out on a main mobbing, pretty much , which would you recommend? Evan EXP Rune is very useful when you defeat boss within the time frame.

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Normal Zakum. Jay: Thanks for the correction! You have a little mistake at the top of this page. Just so you can edit : Thanks for the guide though! Can i ask you something? What is the First job must have a link skill for another job. Go over to the Beginner Skill tab. Then, find for the Link skill tab. Click on it to open the Link Skill Window. You can only switch to different character once per day. I got confused for a second searching for it because I was looking by class name, not skill.

I just wanted to tell you, that ur the best, i made all my link chars, by googling ur page and its perfect always. TYVM 4 such an effort u do for us nibs. Thanks for bringing it up! So I saw a video that said that Mercedes and Cygnus Knights give a skill, across your entire account, that increases stats. Did he mean just in the same server where the class resides? It only increases your All Stats. Do i just have to unlink the link skills? M2xs: It does not work if you try to create 1 or more Demon Avenger to link to the main which is also a Demon Avenger.

Mercedes linking to another Mercedes for bonus EXP effects, it will not apply. Hey love ur guides! Playing demon avenger and wondering if I make a another DA can I link that to main? Thank you! Norman: Happy Chinese New Year ! Some skills have max Level 1 though, and some have Level 3. MapleStory character slots can go from 4 and up to 32 slots. You may refer to the Top 12 Link Skills to use as a reference to prioritize what skills you want for your main character. Hello AyumiLove, I just started playing Maplesea and found out that there is only 4 character slots.

I was wondering out of these 4 character slots, whether I should devote some of these slots for the link skils and the rest to be my main. Level 3 link skill will be available, if Aran reaches level It will be level 2 if your Aran is level , until u reach level on Aran it will become level 3 link skill. Global MapleStory have those coupons that can be purchased from Cash Shop, and these coupons help expand the total number of character slots you can have.

Will it be Level 2 or Level 3? I have removed it. Aran Link skill has a max level of 2. Angelo: Probably a copy-paste issue. Total stats is , and random stats available is 83 stats. This can enhance up any 1 of the stats as high as 28 but rare. Aran link skill is still the same at lv.

Hi everybody, can someone please tell me what would be the best 12 link skills and 9 character cards for kaiser? What does it mean by permanent increase? Does that mean even if you switch link targets they still retain the link skill effect? Yes Mike, ofcourse they do :D. Every single Link Skill stack, except if you got like a second Kanna. But every Single Link Skills stacks with eatchother.

They may be quite outdated, but I hope the blog posts can help players who experience the same content whichever legally licensed version they play in. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions in my blog.

This may be a good, but may not be the best combination of link skills for a Luminous, as well as other magician jobs. If a character has its own link skill, it can use it as well. Some jobs in MapleStorySEA, like Zen, do not exist in some versions yet, unless announced by their respective game publishers or game hosters.

Algunos puestos de trabajo en MapleStorySEA, como el Zen, no existen en algunas versiones, sin embargo, a no ser anunciado por sus respectivos editores de juegos o hosters juego. Hi There! I wanted to ask if you put like.. Do they count as 1 or as 3? This is assuming that any character that only have up to 12 OTHER link skills that are different from its own link skill, and are from other characters. Luminous, Kanna, Kinesis, Battlemage. If it is not Flame Wizard, a level Flame Wizard must also be trained. Refer to character numbers 17 to 19 in this list. Thank you. Mihile is NOT included in them.

The second revamp was for Flame Wizard and Night Walker. Hi again, Ayumilove.

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It includes the order to train characters to train to boost the damage of specific main characters. You may have to keep refreshing the webpage. Mercedes Archer 2. The other 3 makes way for other jobs to create good deck combination: 1. Shade Pirate 2. Mechanic Pirate 3. Angelic Buster Pirate. Kinesis link skill is competitive, in that context.

And minimum crit damage is always useful. If your min crit exceeds your max crit, Maplestory actually transposes the two numbers. So if your min crit would be higher after all factors are counted, it swaps the two numbers to make your max crit higher. You never have wasted min crit. Some characters with active link skills like that Mercedes and Mihile in particular, probably others just need to drag the skill from their own link skill manager to be able to use it.

So you benefit more from it :. You should add a note to the old Mihile link skill explaining that the KB resistance is what your other characters get when you link it to them. What do you think of the kinesis link skill? Seb: It does not matter much if you are casually playing them. For those who are power-leveling reaching to xx level at a shortest amount of time , then it will be essential to get the right class first, before creating your main character. This means faster leveling for other new jobs you make.

Reason being, MapleStory does not allow player to stack the same link skill on top of the other. Urafect: Thanks for the notice! I have removed the duplicated point 11 in the link skill limitations. Like this: Like Loading GamerBewbs Blog. Blog at WordPress. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Post to Cancel. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Regarding 2x EXP cards. Thread starter Evin Start date Dec 28, Status Not open for further replies. Evin New member. Joined Dec 18, Messages 20 Best answers 0. Hi there, This is a bit of an stretch, but I have been thinking about the 2x EXP cards and the removal of the pendant of spirit. The could be simply implemented in the creditshop as an hour buff for something like credits. Let me know your thoughts on this! Thanks, Evin Edit: Ok I was thinking about this a little more, and the availability of HS though the creditshop will also diminish the need for leeching which I personally feel is an important aspect of a successful server.

I feel that leeching should been an option for players who do not have the time or the drive to train themselves, but grinding should be take precedence over a passive activity. Last edited: Dec 28, Queen Member.

Joined Dec 25, Messages 16 Best answers 0. Joined Dec 10, Messages 38 Best answers 0. Evin said:. Nah this will make it so other mages can leech ice lightning, fire poison even better. I also feel leaving 2x isnt a bad thing because it cost points. How many points do you gain from ? Nakurusa Well-known member.