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She mentioned to me that she happens to also be a single mom supporting a few young children while on welfare.

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She wanted me to help her start a business. She sounded like a very talented and creative woman. She has […]. I hope you find it useful. If you do, please feel free to share it with others. Do you ever wonder how all of those blogs make money? As I sit here working on my article about how Social Media was used to help raise thousands upon thousands of dollars and to rally thousands upon thousands of volunteers to help in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, missiles are being launched on our Israeli brethren by Gaza.

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Cohen was never the voice of my generation. I was born in But I found my way to him in high school on the basis of what he represented. He was a revered figure among the misfit outsiders I admired and wanted to emulate.

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He was an intellectual oddity who seemed too cool for the mainstream and yet also too powerful to be ignored, with his songs becoming personal and cultural touchstones. While love songs make up the vast majority of popular music, Cohen sang of sexual acts and the interiors of complex, imperfect relationships, which was rarely attempted in the pop landscape.

He revealed adult realities of love that no one else would tell me. I was married to someone once. We both loved Cohen. I remember her copy of New Skin for the Old Ceremony , its arrestingly sexual tarot figures are burned in my brain. Though I already knew most of the songs on the album, the cover art was new to me I came of age listening to digitized music.

After she was gone, taking the record with her, the song and its ghosts lingered. It was a necessary meditation on humility, with echoes of a raw anger that was all too familiar. In one of these clips, Cohen says his words are no more or less functional than instructions found on a canister of shoe polish. When the interviewer then asks why a writer would choose to compose one over the other, with all humility, Cohen responds:.

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In , New York art dealer Edith Halpert was the reigning queen of the art world. Almost a decade earlier, she had opened the Downtown Gallery, a progressive art space in bohemian Greenwich Village that presented and sold an unusual combination of American modern and folk art, set at affordable prices. The gallery was as remarkable for its wares few were selling such material as it was for its female proprietor most art dealers at the time were men. No one thought it would last. But within a few years, the gallery was attracting not just the middle-class buyers Halpert hoped to entice, but an ever-widening circle of serious art collectors and philanthropists, led by the adventurous and spirited Abby Aldrich Rockefeller.

In , when Halpert finally made her first sale to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it was a landscape by Karfiol that the notoriously difficult to impress institution purchased.

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  4. Though she was only 35 years old when this likeness was done, she looks mature beyond her years, her blue eyes and thick dark brows offset by silver hair. Halpert made sure that the dozens of artists she represented at the Downtown Gallery were provided with professional headshots for use in promotional materials and publicity. Adam, too, got the star-artist treatment, with both a headshot and full-body shot, showing off the full extent of his bite-size personality.

    Halpert was not alone in her love of dogs. Plenty of art world personalities, from Pablo Picasso before her, to Andy Warhol after, have had a particular penchant for dachshunds.

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    Throughout her career, Halpert sprinkled light-hearted thematic exhibitions like this one into her dynamic schedule of shows. Unlike other dealers, who believed art was a high-minded affair reserved exclusively for the elite, Halpert wanted to make American art accessible for all. Adam also proved unexpectedly useful to Halpert in her commercial dealings. Halpert counted many Hollywood actors among her clients, including Edward G. Robinson, who was famous for playing tough guys in gangster films like Little Caesar In , Robinson visited the Downtown Gallery looking to purchase a painting by the celebrated Japanese-American artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi.