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Beyond that not a nit to pick. Z - I was thinking the same thing. OFL praising a Bruce Haight puzzle! Politics warning: Well, the Trump people just learned why Hillary used a personal server. Every word his transition team said to each other concerning anything is in his enemy's hands and his lawyers didn't get to vet it. Within weeks it will all be leaked to the press. Not so dumb after all, is she Donald?

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Are they dating? Who knew that that combination of letters would be so valuable to xword constructors? Hope Aketi does or has done this puzzle. Haven't looked yet. A cute puzzle, smoothly done. Fine for a Monday. Two Ponies: we were taught that soaping was OK, it was writing words with wax that was almost impossible to get off. I grew up in a Philadelphia neighborhood that took defacing property seriously. Our demons were outer demons. Tom a.

I worry that there may not even be a history to judge. Z -- I feel that there is quite a bit of inner wisdom in your 2nd paragraph. Easy puzzle complicated things because I was duped by the misdirections and didn't check many downs.

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Still a rewarding finish. Fun puzzle, Bruce. And you didn't get soaped by Rex. So is egging. I was always scared to death I'd get caught so I just egged others on while laughing like an idiot on the sidelines. Once those two monsters dry, it's nearly impossible to get it off. Is it a little love on the arm?

I just watched the movie "Fences" last night. Great movie, by the way. Nice, fun Monday with lots of good chew. I like it that way. Back in the 50s, soaping windows was right up there with tipping over outhouses as your stereotypical Halloween prank. Not that anyone ever did them. It was fun, but made the puzzle go by too fast. Primo use of the old hidden-word mcguffin. This themer is downright demonic, in fact. Lil darlins. Had to dive pretty deep, to come up with it. EMU clue was demonic. And only two fill-in-the-blankers, on a MonPuz? Thanx for the fun, Mr. I like Bruce Haight puzzles and this is no exception.

The theme was perfectly executed. It's a pleasure for beginning solvers and the rest of us. Intimidating grid for a Monday, what with those triple-stacked sevens in all four corners. Or is that a DOJO no no? Tea, changed her name to LEONi. But those errors were fixed quickly and I ambled through this one quite happily. I really enjoyed the reveal. As kids, we preferred TPing or ringing doorbells.

Cars weren't parked on the street in my neighborhood, and soaping house windows was getting way too close to getting caught. Fav fun was throwing rocks at our sole streetlight; remember "Be home when the streetlights come on"? This was our solution. Ah, the good old days. Today's local paper reports there's an old guy going around leaving racist cards on car windshields; the cards are tainted with meth and ecstasy.

And our local kids thought turning a tree stump in our tiny park into a KKK member was a hoot. May you live in interesting times, indeed. I get NYT in digital form and the long piece on recovering bodies on Everest has some of the most gorgeous photography you can imagine. There are times I'm sorry I don't have a physical paper in my hands, but today the e-copy rocks.

Thanks, Bruce! Great monday. An unexpectedly strong Monday! Fill: This is amazing. Yes, "ERIN go bragh! Conceptually different entries linked together smoothly. Clues: Fun enough. Nothing memorable, but complementary to an already strong fill. But that's on me. This puzzle was smooth as frak to solve. Not super easy, but it doesn't throw crossword glue at you, it doesn't put in one obscure proper noun to make you think about it but it's just constructed well.

Oh, and here's last week's report. Best puzzle: Saturday by Sam Ezersky.

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Worst puzzle: Wednesday by Benjamin Kramer. Strongest feature: Saturday puzzle's fill. Weakest feature: Wednesday puzzle's theme. Crosswordfiend avg. Week average: B, 3. Nothing memorable. How much time do you need to celebrate your intolerance of people who only ask that they be allowed to live a normal life without the prejudice against them for the way they were born?

Any others with a computer programming background here? I got my degree in math, but mostly taught computer science. I was the coach for a competitive programming team at two different colleges. Are you a puzzle monkey? Hyde lurking inside most human beings, I suspect. Nice Monday. I agree with Rex on "medium," with its mix of write-right-in and have-to-wait-for-crosses. The reveal held me in suspense for a while. Hey All! Did that as a youth. Some rotten people used wax, which is no bueno. At least soap would get your windows clean.

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Wax usually required a scraper of some sort. And egging a car is just assholery. Had that happen to me, twice-same car, and since you don't see it till the next day, the egg is dried and ridiculously tough to get off. Get off my lawn! Liked puz, slightly tougher than a standard MonPuz. Liked the open cornerness on a Monday.

It seemed the Downs were easier than the Acrosses. RooMonster DarrinV. Mohair: Well, the Trump people just learned why Hillary used a personal server. HRC was SoS, and thus, sort of, expected to use. Can we combine "race fans" with "pride month" and have "race pride month"? Perhaps I had subconsciously noticed the MONs in all of the theme answers. Certainly it wasn't because it was a gimme for me.

Thanks, Bruce Haight, for a clean, entertaining Monday. I was at the soaping age in the '40s. No eggs were used. A very nice Monday excursion. Maybe 'ay' is the nautical equivalent of 'oy'. Why is it that only the cowards who post as "Anonymous" never have anything nice to say? QuasiMojo -- Ooh, Shlomo Mintz! I have a number of his recordings. Joe Dipinto I'll check those out. Any recommendations on a good recording of Saint-Saens "Christmas Oratorio"?

It was in the WSJ puzzle. I guess I'm out of the loop regarding Pride Month these days. Back when I lived in NY we didn't refer to it as such. Times change. Anyone still listen to Charley Pride? Quasi - I'm not familiar with the S-S Oratorio, so can't help there. Maybe someone else here can? From the listings on Amazon it appears the Prokofiev is the only one of the CDs I mentioned that's still in print, though the others are available used. He also recorded a lot of Vivaldi. I only grokked the MONs and was wondering what the pay off was going to be Had a devilishly good time with this.

Happily, even tho SF is sorta falling apart at the seams, Pride Month is still every day of the year! Chivalry is not dead. Thank you, Stanley Hudson. You're a true gentleman, and I very much appreciate what you said. And thank you, Carola, for your nice shoutout re the YAs. They most certainly are cowards. I wonder what they did for fun before the Internet was invented? I, meanwhile, was merely opening up a large sack and hoping that chocolate goodies, rather than hard-candy goodies, would be tossed in. I considered people who gave me hard candies to be, well, cheap.

It was all very civilized in my nabe. Lewis "Goes from Tokyo to Kyoto, say 8 " is unforgettably great. I think it's one of my all-time favorites. Why is it that butt munchers with 2 letter and 3 digits think they are superior to anonymous posters? Be a man and post like Loren Muse Smith, with your real name, or carry on sniveling in your version of anonymity. Nancy said Why did you assume Stanley Hudson is a man? It's a fake name, you know.

It could be "Nancy" posting under another pseudonym. Except that it isn't. There are the Stanley Hudsons of the world and then there is And all of us can easily tell the difference. He's right, you know. For all we know there are only three or four posters all using internet names just talking to each other! Sincerely, Ms. Ponies But my friends just call me Two-two. Oh my god Where would I be without my daily dose of laughter if it were't for her. Speaking of opening your little sack for the poor schmucks having to smile and toss the candy in In Havana, the Cubans didn't know what "trick or treat" was.

At one point in our lives, we lived in Biltmore. It was ritzy and we were poor. Anyway, my "American" friends and I delighted in going from mansion to mansion, ringing the loud Mozart clanging bells and explaining to all the Batista lovers that it was customary to give all the little "yankee" children money during this holy time. They fell for it. I never learned to "egg" a house until I moved back to the States. God Bless America.

What do I see?

Are you assuming a crime has been committed? Watch out for the portrait with the moving eyes. Do people really not understand that a email on private servers is still discoverable and b email on any server, if it has been sent, exists on many servers? He pretends he doesn't like my games, but he always seems to have half an eye on them. We're happy to have him home for the holidays anyway. I knew the month was JUNE because for the last few years we have been in San Francisco for some science thing my husband goes to and the big parade is usually the same weekend. I thought this was a great Monday albeit harder than usual for me.

BarbieBarbie - Google Strzok. And then ask yourself who is leaking from the Mueller camp - of course Trump has enemies in the probe. This guy has a personalty that invites enemies. And now they have his transition team's emails. That will be used against him and his people in other ways. Hillary knew that nothing is safe with these bastards and kept things on a private server.

I agree with your statement that it exists elsewhere - but it's not easy to dig out, is it? Some conservative groups have found bits here and there, but nobody pays attention. And please don't try to drag me into a conversation where I support Trump.

OneRepublic - Counting Stars [Lyrics]

Moving on. Fantastic stuff! Having only four shortish theme entries and a four-letter revealer allows Zhouqin to really let loose with the fun fill. What a pleasure it was to find all these. Despite one quizzical theme entry, this was a really fun grid from one of our most reliable constructors. Solve and blog with my morning coffee?

Three proper names:. Yup yup yup. Not sure how I missed this. I added a little blurb to the post above. Thanks for setting me straight. Red has long been the color associated with Russia. How could that not be more appropriate than now? And this seemed like the place to go. Please let me know: katy. Thanks for the advice. They can email me with any thoughts. Entirely possible! Especially given how fast BEQ seems to work for all I know he constructs them an hour ahead of posting.

Go figure. Thanks for the friendly write up Amy! Skip to content. NY Times crossword solution, 11 6 17, no BEQ —

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